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“Beyond the Invisible” now available!

janeiro, 30 - 2017

I’m glad to announce that my short story “Beyond the Invisible”, first published in the collection Fabulas do Tempo e da Eternidade (“Time and Eternity Fables”) is now available in English language in Amazon for Kindle (for R$1.99 in Amazon Brazil or US$0.99 in  and for free in the Kindle Unlimited program.


Santa Paola, an alternative virtual twin of Sao Paolo city, is a cosy home for the avatars of users scared and tired of the real world. It is in this oneiric scenery, under algorithmic rains of rose petals, that Marcos and Maya had met and fallen in love. However, for a long time they haven’t had a clue of who their users are in real life. When doubt come across their sweet virtual existence and they dare ask the dangerous questions, they might discover that the knowledge of each other is the hardest thing someone who gave up reality for love could ever face.


Beyond the Invisible – Cristina Lasaitis